Groningen, Netherlands,     27-29 September, 2019

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Salsa Juan Carlos Groningen

Salsa Juan Carlos - Groningen
Lijnbaanstraat 10, 9711 RV Groningen

There is ample parking on the Oosterkade.
  • Maximum up to 3 hours at a time (before refill is needed)
  • Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm
  • Parking fee € 2.70 / hour.

Photo view of Salsa Juan Carlos. Just so you know you are at the right place ;-)

Platformtheater Groningen

Platformtheater - Groningen
Boterdiep 46, 9712 LR Groningen.

There is ample parking in the parking at Boterdiep 85.
The parking garage is located at the opposite side of the street from The Platformtheater.
  • Opened 24/7
  • Parking fee € 1.00 per 24 minutes
  • Maximum €10 per day.
More info: parking boterdiep

Photo view of Platformtheater. Just so you know you are at the right place ;-)

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SalsaPlatform Festival
is a yearly recuring event organized by SalsaPlatform, (, a socio-cultural foundation aimed at maintaining and promoting Afro-Latin Dance in Groningen The Netherlands and in the region thereof.

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