Two new faces

There are two new faces we would like to introduce to you, now that the festival is nearly there!
The first face is Rick Ho A Hing, who will be teaching our bootcamp Kizomba Traditional on Sunday the 29th of September. You can find his bio under the menu button ‘Artists and DJs’.

The second face should be a familiar one: dancer, singer, musician, and….. videographer!! Karam Shebat will be with us during the whole festival to shoot video footage of the bootcamps, workshops, social dancing and of course the parties. When you see him, put your best foot forward and who knows: you might see yourself in one of our after movies!

Artist Lineup 02 temp

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SalsaPlatform Festival
is a yearly recuring event organized by SalsaPlatform, (, a socio-cultural foundation aimed at maintaining and promoting Afro-Latin Dance in Groningen The Netherlands and in the region thereof.

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