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Festival Information

In 2011, SalsaPlatform was set up by a group of volunteers. The reason for the set-up of this Foundation was that the Platform Theatre, the oldest Latin Venue in the Netherlands, was on the verge of closing its doors to Latin Lovers in the North of the country.

We could simply not let this happen. SalsaPlatform was set up. With Monthly parties at Platformtheater on every first Wednesday, regular Saturday parties at the same location, as well as more recently the Sunset Specials at ‘Twee Provinciën’ near the water, the latin scene in Groningen and surrounding areas is still very much alive!

In 2011 we started doing a full day, with workshops and finishing with a party. This tasted like more, but it took a while before we could grow, being a Foundation and group of volunteers! Fast forward to 2015, when it was time to expand to a full Latin-filled-weekend: SalsaPlatform Festival was born!

Our sixth three-day-edition is planned for 27-29 September 2019! We hope you’ll come join us!

In order to do so, you will surely want some more information!

This year the festival is divided into three categories:

  1. Bootcamps:
    during the afternoon, you can dive into an intermediate or advanced dance style for 2,5 hours to further your knowledge and really get sweaty!
  2. Workshops:
    during the evening, you can broaden your horizon with a one hour workshop in different dance styles.
  3. Parties:
    every night there will be a party at a different location in Groningen. Every party will have at least two rooms where DJs will take of your salsa/bachata and kizomba/semba tunes!

Our goal is also to make sure you will be able to implement what you’ve picked up during the boot camps, by introducing a ‘Social Dance room’ at the end of each afternoon. A DJ will play a construction of ‘3-3-3 songs’ in every dance style to make sure everybody’s needs are met.

Festival Set Up and Program
Friday: workshops and party
Saturday: boot camps, workshops and party
Sunday: boot camp, workshops and party

festival program and locations

Locations and Parking
The festival locations will be at Salsa Juan Carlos and at Platformtheater.
Follow this link for more information on how to reach these locations and the parking facilities available.

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About Us

SalsaPlatform Festival
is a yearly recuring event organized by SalsaPlatform, (, a socio-cultural foundation aimed at maintaining and promoting Afro-Latin Dance in Groningen The Netherlands and in the region thereof.

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the festval or any other questions,
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